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Prisoners, Prison Ministries & Mentorships

It's vitally important to impact the systems of our world for the betterment of future generations. Decrees, Declares & Prayers For The Incarcerated was written to make an impact on those whose lives are affected from incarceration. There are numerous issues that those who are in prison face during and after incarceration such as: Stigmas, Recidivism, Institutional Syndrome, Mental Illnesses, Torment, Brokenness, Loneliness, Isolation, Depression, Fears, and Poverty.

Decrees, Declares & Prayers For The Incarcerated, the second book in Author, Caroline Green’s series is strengthened by powerfully anointed prayers and provides divine empowerment through Bible-based confessions. The readers will learn how to pray and experience true freedom from all that has affected their lives. The scriptures in this book will further develop a relationship with God and increase ones knowledge and faith in God. Decrees, Declares & Prayers For The Incarcerated will strongly impact the lives of those in prison as well as help support their loved ones on the outside. GUARANTEED!

The greatest physical weapon God gave us is our mouths. The Decrees, Declares & Prayers devotional book series arms believers with biblical advice, creating powerful breakthroughs by speaking God’s Word combined with faith. You will be able to cut through negative thoughts, negative atmospheres, and negative responses by using Decrees, Declares & Prayers devotional books as life tools for victory! Get ready! Your faith and knowledge are about to get CATAPULTED!

Author Caroline Green has written some of the most effective devotional prayer books to help transform the renewing of the mind with the washing of the Word of God. Decrees, Declares & Prayers devotional book series are effective resource tools that any believer can use to walk in stronger faith and greater anointing.

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