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The Power of Prayer

The power of faith comes forth stronger when we speak the Word of God, believing in His promises, and stirring up the gift of our most holy faith by praying in the Holy Ghost. Set aside time everyday to feed your faith like you feed your body. The times we live in requires faith in God. Therefore, build your faith up and fellowship with like minded believers consistently so His power can operate through you the way God desires.

My book, Decrees, Declares & Prayers 2nd Edition was designed to strengthen the measure of faith of the believer while renewing their mind. The battle starts in the mind with thoughts. If a believer truly wants to please God and fulfill their calling, they must exercise their faith according to the directions God has laid out in His Word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

This devotional is one of the most powerful devotionals available for the body of Christ to help build their faith and encourage their walk. This edition also includes a wide range of over 40 specific prayers to help keep the believer engaged in praying daily over various needs and people we interact with during the course of our lives.

Remember: there is power in faith filled prayers!

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